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What is Hypnosis
Hypnos is the Greek word for sleep and is the name of the Greek God of sleep, although the actual state of hypnosis is very different from that of sleep. Hypnosis is a natural state of inner focus awareness. It is essential getting into a state of deep relaxation, using guided imagery and visualisation and is used to bring about a desired outcome such as a change of behaviour, thought or physical wellbeing.

What is Hypnosis for Birth
Hypnosis for birth is an education programme which teaches women and their birth partners to help to have their perfect birth – whatever that means to you.

The aim is not to a promise a completely pain free ‘natural’ birth, but it is to have a calm, comfortable birth. Hypnosis for birth is not against medical intervention, but for mother and birth partner to play an active role in the birth process.

It is based on the teachings of the English Physician Dr Grantly Dick Read, a pioneer in the field recognising the Pain-tension-fear cycle. Hypnosis for birth technique can help you to release any tension or anxiety you may have about birth to achieve a positive birth experience

Techniques and Benefits
The techniques taught are breathing, guided visualisations and relaxation similar to when you fall asleep, and can be used in any type of birth with a massive benefit for women and their partners.

Research shows the mothers who use hypnosis for birth have shorter lengths of labour, use less pain relief leading to less intervention as well as reporting an overall more enjoyable experience plus many more.

Whomever you choose to be your birth partner, your partner, husband, friend or relative play a vital role in your labour and birth, and should be able to accompany you during the class to learn and support you in the techniques taught. Many births partners are pleasantly surprised at how well they are able to apply the techniques learnt therefore feeling more involved in the birth experience.

To find out more about the course, how the sessions work and the cost click here.

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