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Layla is a practicing midwife, homeopath, hypnotherapist and a founder if the Association of Birth Hypnosis.

Layla, The Tranquil MidwifeLayla is an experienced midwife and within her role in an inner London hospital she is responsible for the care of women from antenatal, birth and postnatal. She actively teaches antenatal classes and has experience of attending women using hypnobirthing techniques for labour both in the hospital and at homebirths. She is a qualified Level 4 Hypnotherapist and originally trained in the Hypnobirthing method by Marie Mongan, as her interest and experienced deepened has gone on to train further.

Layla has always been attracted to the idea of how the mind can effects a person’s emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing which led her onto complete a BSc Degree in the complementary therapy of Homeopathy.

Contact the Tranquil Midwife: t: 07813 160639 e: layla@thetranquilmidwife.co.uk